Farm Out Forum


As part of SEC 2017, SEAPEX is organizing a Farmout Forum from 25 to 28 April 2017. The forum will feature Farmout poster panels set up in the main exhibiting area of the SEC 2017 conference in the Fairmont Hotel. A Farmout session has also been included as part of SEC 2017 technical programme for presenters to give a ten minute presentation to the conference attendees. These Farmout presentations will be selected by the SEC committee from the forum participants. We invite all companies that have an interest in presenting at the Farmout forum to submit their application, providing details of the asset to be farmed out. The fee for participating in the Farmout Forum is SGD 3000 (inclusive of GST) and will come with one poster panel set for three days. Since the number of poster panels is limited, in the event that we receive more Farmout candidates than the allocated poster panels, the SEC committee shall select the most relevant poster / presentations for this forum. If your company is interested in participating in the Farmout Forum, please contact Jean-Yves Beninger.



Event Details

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